Getting Started with Your Online Casino Network

It may be a good idea for you to open up a spreadsheet program. If you don’t have one, you can always download a free one at or get some lined paper and pen or pencil. You are going to select your top six casinos with one of them being your home casino and the other five being the online casinos in which you will collect the bonuses and visit on a regular basis.

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We are also providing you with an optimum list of casinos that we are affiliated with. You are welcome to select any casinos that you would like, but our casino list is optimized.

The casino bonuses listed equal up to a few hundred shy of the $5000 mark. If you are looking to invest less then you may adjust any of the welcome bonuses by depositing smaller amounts to have matched. Now that you have the sites that you will be working with, you will need to setup your accounts and provide the initial deposits.

By using the links provided, you help us out through our affiliation with each of the above online casinos. It is suggested that you take full advantage of the bonus provided by the site that you will use as your home site (the online casino that you will take full advantage of their loyalty rewards).

Neteller is the most commonly used method of deposit, however you are welcome to use whichever means of deposit that you prefer. Keep track of the deposits that you make in your spreadsheet.

The scope of this document does not cover gambling strategies, so if you choose to play slots or blackjack, you may wish to refer to strategy guides on those topics. One site that may be able to assist you with further strategies is . is an online news source that covers topics from game strategy to current events in the gambling industry. If you are given the option to play Blackjack versus slots, keno or other games of pure luck, then you may want to consider choosing the game of skill.

This will increase your chances of controlling your wins and losses, especially in an online casino that offers multi-hand blackjack. InterCasino is one such online casino, so you may want to use that method if you have selected InterCasino as your home site or one of your five satellites.