Primer to Online Casino Strategy

Bonus Primer to Online Casino Strategy

One particular strategy that is often given the negative connotation of “casino whoring” is a tactic in which the player hops form one casino to the next collecting the bonuses. Technically there is nothing wrong with the tactic, but it does go against what the online casinos really want and that’s a loyal customer.

Taken to the extreme, this tactic is highly inefficient and the loss to profit ratio is atrocious. Players that continue to sign up at different online casinos only to collect bonuses will eventually end up with less chances of making money versus other online casino strategies. With this said, there is still some good components to this tactic and the best one of course, is free money.

Vip Casino Bonus

Free Casino Money

Certainly, you should understand that the “free casino money” comes at the price of the required deposits and terms in which to gain the matching bonus, but yes, it is still free money. So, taking this best component and adding it to your personal online casino strategy will reinforce your chances to earn.

What you will want to do is select some of the top online casinos that give bonuses that are easily achievable and give a higher chance of profitability. One phrase that you will want to know before you start out is “playthrough requirements”.

Casino Bonus Requirements

These are the requirements, beyond the initial deposit(s), that the player has to meet in playing before the bonus money is converted into cash that may be withdrawn. Always read through the terms completely at each online casino for their promotions and bonuses in order to understand exactly what will be required to turn that bonus into cash.