Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The following terms of service apply to any kind of use of BONUS JACK. This includes accessing the content, whether text or media files & services that are available through BONUS JACK. So please, kindly read and view all of the terms that are mentioned on this page before using any service or viewing any content on our website. This is because once you access and start using the services on BONUS JACK; it means that you are consenting to all of the terms that are found on this page. It is your own responsibility to view these terms and understand them. So if you do not approve or disagree with any of the terms of the TOS (Terms of Service) or the Privacy policy, you are advised against accessing the website and against using any of the services or products offered through it.

BONUS JACK’s content is provided to you in order to help you with any research purposes only. BONUS JACK can and will accept monetary funding from certain websites or companies in exchange of advertisement space and the uploading of content such as casino reviews and feedback.

BONUS JACK will occasionally link to external 3rd party websites that are related to what BONUS JACK has to offer. If you choose to click on the links and visit these external websites, you are entering them at your own discretion and BONUS JACK will not guarantee your safety or the safety of your computer while being on the other websites.

BONUS JACK will not use cookies but other websites that BONUS JACK links to might be using them. Therefore, once again, you are accessing these websites on your own responsibility.

Lastly, you should follow and abide by the regulations of your state or jurisdiction in terms of the services that is on offer at BONUS JACK. It is your responsibility to follow these rules.