The Math Behind the Casino Magic

Casino Bonuses Add Up

Now that you know exactly why online casinos give away bonus money, it is time to go over the math that will allow you to maximise those online casino bonuses and promotions and through this understanding; increase your chances to profit from them.

An online casino, just like any casino in Las Vegas, Macau or Atlantic City, makes money from every game in that casino. To figure out how much the casino makes off of one slot game, we are going to briefly examine how the mathematics work in the favor of the casino.

Let’s use one of the Marvel Slots at InterCasino as the example. So let’s say that this particular slot game pays our 95%, this would mean that the casino has a 5% advantage against the player. So, in one thousand attempts (pulls) a player will win some, lose some and sometimes break even, but for every dollar that is played, the casino will earn .05. Welcome bonuses change the math in the favor of the player in that instead of playing with the initial deposit, there is now a new monetary buffer.

The online casinos typically factor in the welcome bonus as a long term investment. In the short term is how a player will excel. If the player selects one “home” casino and up to five satellite casinos they essentially develop a network of online casinos in which they can collect bonuses, maximise their casino winnings from those bonuses and can check in anywhere from each day to each month. In creating this small network, the player increases their chances for winning (gambling is never a guarantee) and reduces their risk.

No Deposit Casino

In the next section we take a look at the short term potential of satellite casino accounts and the long term potential of your home account. Remember, the term satellite casino refers to on of the five additional online casinos that you will join in addition to the home online casino which is where you will spend most of your time and focus on loyalty rewards as opposed to bonuses.  By following the forthcoming steps, you should be able to make the bonuses at each casino and increase your profit.